Mr. Okerlund

Pod: Teal


Knowledge: Name the main character.
Comprehension: Describe the main character's physical apearance.
Application: Sketch a picture of the main character experiencing his conflict.
Analysis: Criticize the main character's way of resolving his conflict.
Synthesis: Develop a plan to help the main character resolve his conflict in another way.
Evaluaion: Predict the next conflict the main character might encounter.

Writing:mr.o is awesome


Math Homework:

  • Round 675,341 to the nearest hundred

  • What digit would I LOOK at to round to the nearest thousand for the number 23,786?

  • Would the ten-thousands digit go: Up to 8, Down to 6 or Stay at 7, If I rounded the number 475,998 to the nearest ten-thousand?

  • 83,466 Should I round the 4 up to the nearest hundred? What the new number look like if I did?

  • 99,978 rounded to the nearest hundred would be 100,000? Yes or No? Tell why!

Social Studies: