Lesson 1: (H) Using facts from the book create your own myth on why Cahokia was abandoned. Use *COPS.

(M) Draw a Mayan city the best you can. Use the book to support your drawing.

(L) What plants did the Olmec and Maya plant?

Lesson 2: (H) Why do you think Native Americans only use enough plants and animals to survive?

(L) What is a totem pole?

(L) What is a potlatch?

Lesson 3: (H) Create your own story on why the Navajo migrated north. Use *COPS.

(H) Explain why it would be a good idea or a bad idea to have a Pueblo home.

(L) What stone did the Pueblo use to make jewelry?

Lesson 4: (H) Why do you think it would be a good/bad idea to make a winter count?

(M) Why is it a good idea/bad idea to stay in earthen lodges?

(L) What did the Native Americans use to carry meat and skins back to camp after a hunt?

Lesson 5: (H) Make your own story on why the Iroquois broke up. Use *COPS.

(M) Why did the Creek Indians make pottery?

(L) What is slash-and-burn farming?