North American study for the Lakota

The Lakota Indian Report

  • Land marks:Native American scene byway,The Black hills,Bear Butte,The Buffalo,The Bad Lands,
  • Lives in:The Lakota tribe reservations are spread throughout the Dakotas, Minnesota, and Nebraska.
  • Land marks:Native American scene byway,The Black Hills,Bear Butte,The Buffalo,The Bad Lands,Crazy Horse Memorial.
  • Food:The Lakota hunted bison for food and other things*.

  • Homes:The Lakota lived in bison skin* tepees in the summer, and earthen lodges come winter.

  • Temp.45F
  • Weapons and tools:Bows,arrows,war clubs,buffalo hide shields and snares.
  • Tribal Adaption:1.In memory of the wounded knee 2.Lakota wisdom 3.The wisdom garden.

Other Facts

  • The Lakota where great hunters,warriors,and horsemen.
  • The Lakota where plain Indians.